lunes, junio 20, 2005

A hundred films (999 left)

Listening to: No one lives forever soundtrack.
Reading: "Politica para Amador" (Fernando Savater). This time, definitely.

My God (it´s just an expression, don´t run away, my dear atheist friends). It's 40 Cº out there and i cannot believe it. Where are those -10 ºC of two months ago? It is as funny as the fact that we [the people in this city] are always complaining, before, it was too cold, now it is too hot... :D.

I prefer cold weather, it is better for programming and any activity in general (except pools and such things, of course). Today, while i was in the street, i thougth that tar would melt and i would have to leave my shoes there, pasted in it. We´ll have to being acting like in south spain, sleeping during day and living by night. Um... now that i think about that, i know some people who live like this, like noctambules, specially in weekends :).

Well, stop complaining (in my work we have decided to make a collection paying 20 cents each time we make a complaint. I supose we´ll end up traveling freely to the Caribbean :)).

Today, an easy, and maybe neverending, theme which i longed to do for a long time. I would like to integrate it in a database to enable searches (for my own use and those who relay in my ability of electing films) but as now i don´t have personal space in any server, it will have to wait. I have heard that cute people of zonaburgos (nothing) gives space to their members... will have to ask.

When will this list reach its end (1000 films)? I don´t know. Let´s see.

(Note: it is so difficult to write in english with this heat.. will translate the titles from spanish other day).

<For programmers>
Ahm, before starting this frivolous theme, let´s go back to good uses. Some sites where i always find help when i need it (programming in php, of course): //in spanish. You can be answered in minutes or a day. They are totally efficient! Almost, if you don´t ask nothing too strange. //in english. The best book for learning php and FREE. Can´t believe it. Seriously, can´t believe that such a useful, easily-understandable, well-written document can be free and there, for everybody. And i spent 45 euro in a stupid book full of straw which could be summarized in a 10-page iniciation manual. I have realized that internet is full of resources, just few things are worth of buying. If you are thinking in donating some money, remember people, like this author, who deserve this. I think he would have made a good amount of money selling his book.
For starters: and //Clearly, in spanish. These have 20-page like manuals or less where you can learn concrete themes. Without knowing nothing of php, you can start making php scripts, connecting to databases, and other amazing things, in days. Amazing because in other languajes it is impossible to do these things in such little time, without knowing a lot about the subject. //Programming in php requires a server. Also, a database if you want to operate with it. And a database management program to make it easier. This easy, and really easy, program installs apache+mysql+phpmyadmin in seconds. Everything you need to start programing in php (para empezar a pehachepear, como a mi me gusta decir :D ). I will never thank enough Mr DockLecter for telling me about this program, when i knew nothing about web applications.
</For programmers>

Batman begins:
I saw this last night. In fact we where going to see again 'Star wars 3: Revenge of the Sith', but at last we decided it was not worth of see two times, and ended up with batman. Curiosly, it was my friend who decided the change, and is she who is the star wars fan... Everything decaes in this world :D.

[About the film]. It is good. Has lots of action, so you can never get bored, but it is not agobiant, as 'Alejandro' was.
Argument: consistent, as much as a fantasy film can be. About the characters: My beloved Liam Neeson appears (I didn´t expected this, and was a good surprise), in perfect form and with a little japanese beard that fits perfect in him (like a good dumasian, i love men with short beard and a bit of long hair ).
The main character is awesome too.. the butler actuation is perfect, although it is the already seen cliche of an american buitler.
Really beautiful scenery, and good soundtrack and special effects.
The film is really intense, as the last half an hour is a total chaotic story. The fights... perhaps a bit confusing, so fast that you can´t follow easily all the moves...
[Conclusion]. Another superhero story (how many in last two years?). It is good and has its surprises... you can get entertained with it. Not a must, as cinema is so expensive this days (almost here in spain). You can see it in divx/dvd and not lose anything.